About Sharon




Sharon Okun is a licensed massage therapist and Certified Clear Beliefs Coach, in practice for 22 years. She received her coach certification from the International Coach Federation. She trained at the Swedish Institute, the Center for Coaching Mastery, and at Clear Beliefs Coaching. Sharon honors you for the amazing person that you are. She truly listens to your story and becomes your champion. As a healer, she is gentle and mindful to your body and soul. Read her article about her healing journey. https://www.theinsidepress.com/tag/sharon-okun/ 


Mind Body Connection

Sharon has extensive knowledge of the mind-body connection and of alternative therapies. She is transforming people’s lives and propelling them to the next level!


Honoring you

Sharon truly listens and validates your journey. Let her heal your body and soul! You will feel embraced and honored for the amazing person that you are!